Day2 - The Walk - Tryfan & the Glyders

Having Second Thoughts Preparing for the Deluge
Chris, Ian and the rest of the motley crowd prepare to do battle with the mighty Tryfan during the Welsh Monsoon. Graham is reluctant to leave the shelter of his car boot while Mark and Phil accept the inevitable soaking.
Stopping for a Breather Look how Steep that is
Mark, Martin, Phil, Kevin, Simon and Ian enjoy a short respite from the downpour. Realisation dawns on Ian, Graham and Phil that the steep ascent so far was just the easy bit.
uk.rec.walkers Panorama Let's Get Vertical
Roger leads the intrepid party up the first real scrambly section, a mere taster for what is to come.
Getting Serious The Photography Group
Mark begins to realise what he's let himself in for and starts to seriously re-appraise the meaning of the word "walk". Hopelessly lost in the mist on the summit plateau of Glyder Fach, Phil, Kevin, Mark & Paul resign themselves to their fate and decide to take a last photograph for posterity.