My pic was taken during a walk near Hawsewater. Sorry I can't compete with the lovely Emmanuelle, but I thought you might like to include a pic of the more mature lady walker :)

1974 at Dolgoch Falls. Anita on the right.

Richard on St Sunday Crag, circa 1976.
Anita Evans

Email: Anita Evans

Age: We are both in our mid forties.

Home: We come from Darlington, Co. Durham originally, but have lived in North Cumbria for about 11 years.

Comments: As teenagers we did a lot of walking and cycling in the Teesdale area. We enjoy walking in the Lake District, but it does get busy, so we rush off to North West Scotland in the VW camper at every opportunity. I am English, but consider myself very much a Northerner. Richard is only part Welsh, but will definitely support Wales rather than England in a rugby match, so I should think he would like to have a Welsh flag, given the choice.

My husband Richard, taken at Tarbet (the one near Handa Island, Sutherland) taken at the time of the eclipse. It only went slightly gloomy by the way, but we did catch a glimpse through the cloud.

Anita (nearest the camera) struggling up Swinnergill, Swaledale, with uncomfortable rucksack, circa 1974.

A photo of Richard, Cairntoul about 1977 An entry for the wild man of the hills comp ;)