A recent walk to Craig y Llyn in the rain.

A November camping trip.
Frances Coombs

Email: Frances Coombes

Age: early 40s.

Home: South Wales (Rhondda) but originally from the London area.

Occupation: Definitely *not* a housewife, because that implies cooking and cleaning and other boring stuff like that (when it comes to vacuums [vacua?] I'm with Nature all the way).

Status: Married to Charlie since 1987.

Children: 5, of whom the youngest are the keenest walkers.

Pets: 2 rabbits; 5 guinea pigs.

Walking: Getting back into walking after long break.

Interests: Sitting at the computer; reading; generally being bone idle; avoiding hard work; music (listening to); inventing 'cunning plans' that never get off the ground; oh yes, and walking.

Charlie, taken during the only sunshine seen that day.