Descending the icefall at Cautley Spout, Howgill Fells, Cumbria.
Carol Haynes

Email: Carol Haynes

Age: 21 (going on 43ish).

Home: Wensleydale, North Yorks.

Occupation: Primary School teacher (sometimes), Outdoor Ed. Instructor (sometimes), Layabout (most times).

Comments: Hillwalking, scrambling, rock climbing, caving, canoeing, skiing .... Anything outdoors really I'll dabble with and then bore people endlessly on newsgroups - thus avoid doing them again. I'm into classical music and used to play piano reasonably well until all my fingers turned into thumbs (something to do with rock climbing I think). Getting into photography and PhotoShop and also trying to get more into Digital Video but am somewhat lacking in the patience required!

Website: (or
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Carol in Canada.