At Saint Mary's Loch near Tibbie Shiels. That serious expression is me trying to be a 'serious walker.' And yes, that is a trekking pole. I was on a walking tour to the Borders area in 1997. The year before I walked in the Cotswolds. I am now ready to walk on my own and planned to do St. Cuthbert's Way this year but had to delay it. As I read about all the long distance trails, I want to do them all. I love walking in the countryside under cloudy skies.

Katherine Rotherham


Name: Katherine Rotherham

Born: March 8, 1940, Fresno, California

Home: San Diego, California

Occupation: Community college counsellor.

Comments: There is a part of me that comes alive when I am in Britain. The weather (at least in the summer), the landscape, the people (even Dicky), all evoke a sense of home even though I have never lived there. I am plotting to find a way to move there. Walking (hiking) in the US: I love the Sierras. They are real mountains. However, I live in San Diego and so I hike in the Laguna Mountains just east of me. I also sometimes go to the desert a bit further east, but I really prefer trees to cactus and ocotillos.