Ladhar Bheinn - the final Munro!

Paul Simonite

Email: Paul Simonite

Nickname: Compo

Age: 49

Home: Caithness, Scotland

Local Area: Northern Scotland

Speciality: Whingeing about the low cloudbase

Walking Partner: Julie Catterall

Speciality: Moral support in low cloudbase

Julie Catterall

Born: Bolton, Lancs.

Hobbies: hillwalking, swimming, foreign travel - in any order.

Special traits: always optimistic and supportive in foul weather.

Position in life: Compo's boss half and a senior social worker with the Highland Council.

Pet hates: boulder hopping on a wet day; wading streams without Ray Mears and his stick; and Glen Brittle midges.

The shot was taken just below the radome on the summit of Mt Olympus, Cyprus. Alt. 6,400ft. Time: mid afternoon on 25th January 2000.