Here's the only digitised image of me I have. It was produced for a game I worked on (they added the flying kit digitally).

Mark Wilden

Email: Mark Wilden

Home: Reading

Local Area: My wife, my 7-year-old son and I generally take short (4 mile) walks around the Berkshire area, usually trying to get in a bit of the Thames if we can. In November, I walked the Ridgeway, which was my first long-distance walk.

Comments: I was born in Canada, I've spent most of my life in the U.S., and I'm a British citizen who's spent the last year living and working near Reading. I feel like I have three nationalities, but I'm still a foreigner in each country. When I was living in the States, I came over to do a month's walking in the Lake District, where I met up with Alan White, Philip Powell and John Dawson. I love England and would gladly spend the rest of my life here. However, in order to avoid losing my U.S. immigration status ("green card"), I'm planning to return to the States at Easter and apply for U.S. citizenship. Once I have a U.S. passport, I'll never have to go back to the States again...if that makes any sense! :)