Deja News - URW Daily Digest Archive
21st May 1999 - 12th February 2001

With the recent demise of the Deja News archives, I've decided it might be useful to make available the Daily Digests I've been receiving from Deja since I first subscribed in May 1999. I've saved all the Daily Digests from each month as a single text file, which I've then zipped for download purposes. The 22 files add up to just over 6 megabytes zipped, 19 megabytes unzipped.

I can't guarantee that this is a comprehensive archive, in fact I'm pretty sure that it's not. Deja's Daily Digest was not a totally reliable service and there are a number of gaps, sometimes I didn't receive a digest for a week or so. I have included every digest that I did receive so at least it represents a complete archive of what Deja sent me, which under the circumstances is better than nothing.

There are two notable gaps that I should mention. I received nothing from the 13th of September 1999 to the 11th of October 1999, and nothing from the 15th of October 1999 to the 4th of November 1999. Perhaps there was very little activity on the newsgroup during those periods, but that seems unlikely.

Sometimes the messages may not appear in the correct order due to large daily digests being split into multiple files and arriving in the wrong order. I don't think this happened very often though.

May 1999 - 92kb
June 1999 - 163kb
July 1999 - 180kb
August 1999 - 209kb
September 1999 - 199kb
October 1999 - 44kb
November 1999 - 78kb
December 1999 - 118kb
January 2000 - 258kb
February 2000 - 542kb
March 2000 - 269kb
April 2000 - 336kb
May 2000 - 132kb
June 2000 - 509kb
July 2000 - 281kb
August 2000 - 369kb
September 2000 - 463kb
October 2000 - 508kb
November 2000 - 580kb
December 2000 - 245kb
January 2001 - 485kb
February 2001 - 314kb
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