Expedition 11 - The Peak District

Day 1: Morning
A pleasant cloudscape greets me as I awake. A promising start to the day.
Peace & Quiet
Lovely, I've got the whole campsite to myself. If only it could stay that way.
Mam Tor
The next day's objective. The main feature on "The Great Ridge".
Ringing Roger
An outcrop on the edge of Kinder Scout.
Raring to go, at the bottom of Grindsbrook Clough. Unfortunately it's become somewhat overcast now.
Approaching the steep bit at the top of Grindsbrook Clough. Getting quite rough now.
Grindsbrook Clough
The top of the clough, where it splits into two. Our path follows the gully to the left, and the sun has decided to return.
Interesting Gritstone
The first good rock we encountered on reaching the edge of the Kinder plateau. We stopped for a quick bite to eat next to this graffiti covered rock.
Dry Waterfall
At the top of northern gully of Grindsbrook Clough.
More Gritstone.
Rock formations around the north gully.
Grindsbrook Clough
More rock formations around the north gully. The second two shots are in vertical format.
Near Upper Tor
Some very interesting rocks.
Dry Peat Grough
Just north of Golden Clough. According to Gordon, this is the driest that he's ever seen Kinder Scout.
Madwoman's Stones
Ian stands proudly on top of the steep rock while Gordon surveys the area with his GPS.
Roy and Ian in the Pub
This photo was taken with no flash and a slow shutter speed. I expected a blurred arty shot, but to my surprise everyone kept still.
So ends day one     More to follow...