Walker Type
What type of walker would you describe yourself as?

0 - Lost tourist.
1 - Sunday walker (trousers tucked in socks).
2 - Rambler (red socks, mapcase & bobble hat).
3 - Hiker.
4 - Backpacker.
5 - Hillwalker (optional lycra may be worn from grade 5 upwards except grade 7).
6 - Scrambler.
7 - Hard man of the hills (beard compulsory for this grade-sorry ladies).
8 - Trekker (note: not trekkie).
9 - Alpinist (mirrored lenses allowed from this grade on except 11).
10 - Mountaineer (of the greater ranges).
11 - Heroic English gentleman explorer (breeches or long shorts compulsory).
12 - Pub bluffer, gear freaks & people who spend more time on uk.rec.walking than in the hills!

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GPS vs. Compass
Where do you stand on the GPS/Compass debate?

GPS devotee, no use for compass.
Mainly use GPS, compass useful for some things.
GPS and compass equally useful.
Mainly use compass, GPS useful for some things.
Compass devotee, no use for GPS.

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Mobile Phones
How do you rate the importance of mobile phones?

Extremely important, should always carry one.
Useful in case of emergency, but not essential.
Don't like them, annoying and unnecessary.
The work of the Devil.

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Walking Poles
How do you rate the usefulness of walking poles?

A real boon, improves walking potential enormously.
Useful in certain situations, but not all.
Too much hassle, inconvenient and expensive.
Totally useless, makes you look a complete pratt.

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What do you think of cairns?

Cairns are really cool, let's build some more.
Look nice and are useful, but no more should be built.
No opinion.
Eyesores, should be demolished, except ancient ones.
All cairns should be demolished.

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