Wilderness Wales



Yr Wyddfa Snowdon is the most popular mountain in Wales, containing the highest summit in both England and Wales. It's often referred to as Mount Snowdon or mispelt as Mount Snowden, although no such names appear on the maps. For most people it's simply called Snowdon. The actual summit is called Yr Wyddfa.

Visitor pressure is huge, necessitating a large amount of path repair on the many popular paths. Not a good place to go to get away from the crowds. Helping to bring more of these crowds from Llanberis to the summit cafe is the Snowdon railway, a very popular tourist attraction.

Not only is Snowdon popular, it also happens to be an extremely good mountain, with the best high level ridge walk south of Scotland - the Snowdon Horseshoe. It contains a number of fine peaks, in particular Crib Goch, Y Lliwedd and Yr Aran.