Wilderness Wales


Horizon Panoramas

Mumbles Head, Bracelet Bay & Limeslade

Car Interior Mumbles Cafe and Arcade
Car Interior, Swansea Promenade
13th September 2002
Checking the camera before getting out of the car I was surprised to see just how much coverage the camera had, so I took a shot from inside the car, using f16 to maximise depth of field. This gives a good indication of how wide the field of view is. It was taken from the front seat! 1/60-f16 handheld.
Mumbles Cafe and Amusement Arcade
Another downward tilted shot, the only way to capture this scene from the high viewpoint. The curved earth effect seems to be quite acceptable in this instance. 1/125-f8 handheld.
Mumbles Head Mumbles Pier and Head
Mumbles Head
Another curved earth shot. This scene seems particularly well suited to the effect. The Outer Head (with lighthouse) is mostly hidden by the Middle Head. 1/250-f8.
Mumbles Pier and Head
A variation of the curved earth effect. I don't think it works too well in this instance, but preferences may vary. This is not an effect that you'd want to use too often. 1/250-f11.
Mumbles Pier Gorse, heather and bracken
Mumbles Pier
A far more sensible shot, probably my favourite so far. Choice of viewpoint is critical to a shot like this.
Gors, heather and bracken
A hand-held shot of the ground beneath my feet. Not the kind of subject you'd expect to take with a panoramic camera but it worked quite well. I used f16 to try to ensure everything would be in focus.
1/60-f16 .
Bracelet Bay Bracelet Bay
Bracelet Bay
A fast shutter speed was used to freeze the water.
Bracelet Bay
Same scene but with the waves out.
Bracelet Bay and Mumbles Head Limeslade
Bracelet Bay and Mumbles Head
Cropped to 3:1, 1/250-f8.
Cropped to 3:1, 1/60-f16.
Jessops Swansea Police Station
Jessops, Swansea Branch
Not very sharp and not very good depth of field either, since the camera has its focus fixed on infinity. 1/60-f2.8 handheld.
The New Swansea Police station
Upward tilting was unavoidable here, causing bowl distortion. 1/125-f11.