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Swansea Docks

Swansea Docks
Swansea Docks, evening, very high tide - 11th September 2002
Two shots joined together, giving a 200 degree field of view. 1/60-f8 handheld.
Swansea from Townhill Swansea Bay Sunset
Swansea from Townhill, late afternoon
The very first photo I took with my new camera. Too much of the foreground is in shadow unfortunately.
Cropped to a 3:1 ratio. 1/60-f11.
Swansea Bay Sunset
Post processing in Photoshop has altered the colouring somewhat and I can't seem to recreate the original colours without re-scanning. Mumbles Head can be seen in the far distance.
Cropped to 3:1, 1/125-f2.8 handheld.
Associated British Ports Associated British Ports with wake
Swansea Docks - Associated British Ports
Excellent light, lovely texture on the water.
1/60-f5.6 handheld.
Same scene a little later, with wake
Very difficult to set up the tripod behind the barrier. I waited until the boat had passed because it would have been blurred. The wake is less blurred less than I expected though. 1/2-f16.
Swansea Marina Tesco at Twilight
Swansea Marina
My second photo and my first experiment with tilting the camera. Unfortunately Velvia is so contrasty that the boat reflections in the foreground have been lost in shadow. 1/125-f8 handheld.
Tesco at twilight
After two aborted shots, one at the wrong exposure (forgot to change the rotation speed) and one due to people walking into the frame, I captured this symmetrical twilight shot in the car park. 1/2-f4.