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Mumbles Head to Caswell Bay

Mumbles Head
Mumbles Head

Topographically, Gower begins at Mumbles, where the limestone cliffs of Mumbles Hill reach high above the village. The distinctive twin islands of Mumbles Head are visible for many miles across Swansea Bay, and mark the start of the Gower coast proper. There is a signpost at Blackpill which announces your entry into Gower but I tend to think of this area as a south-western extension of Swansea. It's only when you round the corner at Mumbles Head that Gower really begins. This is often also accompanied by a slap in the face from a strong wind on wilder days. Mumbles does an excellent job of providing shelter for Swansea Bay.

Mumbles and Langland Bay are technically part of the city, and its urban influence is still felt. Mumbles is very popular with locals and tourists alike, as are the small beaches of Langland and Caswell Bay. These are also popular with surfers, particularly during the winter months. A well walked footpath links Mumbles with Langland and Caswell, covered with tarmac for most of its length, until it reaches the city boundary halfway between Langland and Caswell, but even then, it's still easy walking. This is most easily accessible part of Gower and provides a glimpse of better scenery to come.