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Gale Force Wildcamp

Day 2 - Brightening Up?

Red Grass on the Pool

Red Grass on the Pool

This is the small pool near my camp site. In the past I've always called this the black pool because of the thick black mud at the bottom. It's always been a great foreground for use when photographing sunrises. Unfortunately now it's silting up and becoming overgrown. Who knows, it may disappear completely in years to come. Pity, but I do like the red grass that's growing there now, so it's still worth photographing for that reason. You can tell that it's still very windy by the flattened red grass in the foreground.

Moss Covered Rock

Moss Covered Rock

On the edge of the lake I found a small old red sandstone rock topped with bright green moss, which added a rare bit of colour to the otherwise drab grass in the area.

Starting to Brighten up?

Some breaks in the cloud

Eventually the fog lifted and a few blue patches of sky could be seen. It looked as though there was hope on the horizon. But there wasn't. It didn't last long and the fog soon returned, descending to lake level again by sunset.

It was slightly cooler that night. The next morning my mobile phone told me that the temperature was 8 degrees. I was just about warm enough with my winter bag, an ME Snowline, which has a comfort rating of +10 to -20. Somehow I expected to feel toasty warm at that temperature so I was surprised that I didn't. I wasn't cold, just not toasty warm. Does fitness affect one's ability to tolerate cold? If so, that might explain it, since I wasn't very fit at the time.

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