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Gale Force Wildcamp

Day 2 - Lifting Hill Fog

My plan had been to do a lot of photography around the lake and perhaps a walk to the summit, but both seemed pointless in the howling gale. Pottering about contemplating artistic compositions doesn't go well with being buffeted by strong winds, nor are gales compatible with a small, lightweight tripod. Still, I had to take some photos.

The Hill Fog Starts to Lift

The Hill Fog Starting to Lift

In the afternoon the fog started to lift a bit, revealing Fan Gyhirych on the other side of the lake. It was still very unpleasant in the wind though. Evem so, I made the effort to go out and take a few snaps with the G9.

At the time I felt it was a completely wasted day, but in retrospect the photos came out better than expected and provided a more enjoyable memory of the experience than the experience itself.

Fan Brycheiniog in Fog

Fan Brychieniog in Hill Fog

Fan Brycheiniog was still shrouded in fog. It did clear later for a short while, but not for long, and I wasn't tempted to stroll to the top as I'd previously planned.

Tent Battered by Wind

Tent Battered by Wind

My Nallo 2 getting was seriously hammered by the gale force winds. Almost like inhaling and exhaling as the wind blew in and out. It stood up well to the onslaught, but wasn't pleasant to be inside. The tent was flapping about noisily all day and it got very irritating and tiresome after a while. Imagine being inside that for most of the day!

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