Wilderness Wales


Gale Force Wildcamp

Day 1 - Moonlight over the Lake 

The walk to the stream was easy, but the ascent was hard given the weight I was carrying. It was slightly breezy and a bit chilly, but fairly pleasant on the whole.

It was fully dark by the time I reached the north end of the lake, but the half moon provided ample illumination There was only a gentle breeze and the scene was both serene and surreal as the moonlight reflected across the water It was a wonderful moment, one of those rare times when nature forces you to stop and look at it in awe.

Lake by Moonlight

Moonlight over Llyn y Fan Fawr

At first I didn't bother taking the camera out because I knew I couldn't photograph it handheld and I didn't want to stop before reaching camp. But then I changed my mind and attempted it, using my two trekking poles to brace the camera. I tried a 15 second exposure at ISO 400. To my surprise it came out pretty good, blurry of course, but only slightly. Then I tried a 1 second exposure at ISO 1600. It came out surprisingly well, but horribly grainy. In spite of the grain though, it captured the scene well.

Moonlight over the Lake

Moonlight over Llyn y Fan Fawr, with clouds

Then I realised it was worth spending more time over so I took off my rucksack and set up the tripod to take some more shots before moving on to set up camp. The tripod gave a much better quality image, but then the moving clouds were blurred, as was the reflection on the lake. A better quality photo, but not such an accurate representation of what the scene actually looked like to the eye.

Only after moving on did I realise that I didn't use my DSLR! Since I'd started off using my G9 to take snaps, I actually forgot about my 400D! "Not to worry" I thought, "there'll be plenty more opportunity to take more shots like that over the next few days".

How wrong I was! That evening was my best opportunity for photographs. If only I'd realised I'd have wandered back and taken more serious photos, but I was so shattered after hauling all that weight up there that I couldn't be bothered.

It had taken me an hour and a half to reach the camp site by the lake. There was a breeze blowing from the northwest, so I pitched my tunnel tent (Nallo 2) facing southwest, which was ideal for the view too.

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