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 Fforest Fawr Summits

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Fan Fawr 734m
SN 9699 1935 295m

A large expanse of grassy hill with a sad excuse for a cliff near the summit. Broad and mostly featureless, this summit fails to offer anything but a long walk. A disgrace for the highest peak in the area. It does sport a good viewpoint for the endless stream of walkers heading up and down Pen y Fan from Storey Arms. All the peaks in this area are infrequently visited and offer much peace and quiet for the solitude seeker.
Fan Gyhirych 725m
SN 8806 1907 280m

An altogether different propostion from Fan Fawr, a far grander summit with two steep faces, one of which is a veritable amphitheatre worthy of some merit. The summit itself is large, flat and boggy, but these are flaws easily overlooked. Best viewed from the ridge extending north-east.
Fan Fraith 668m
SN 8884 1835 c15m

An insignificant grassy mound, not worthy of the slightest detour, a mere extension of Fan Gyhirych.
Fan Nedd 663m
SN 9134 1841 174m

Drab and boring from most aspects, and tediously boggy from the south, this summit once held pride of place amongst my list of most boring summits. However, it's northern face does redeem it somewhat, and would make for a far more interesting ascent than the easier routes to the east. Not as bad as it first appears.
Fan Llia 632m
SN 9383 1860 99m

Although similar in shape and height to Fan Nedd, I've always found this grassy ridge to be somewhat more enjoyable for some reason. Perhaps it's the deeply cut streams running down the east face, perhaps it's the Ystradfellte Reservoir down below, I'm not really sure. It certainly looks more interesting from this angle.
Craig Cerrig Gleisiad 629m
SN 9607 2180 74m

One of the steepest north-facing cliffs in the Beacons. It harbours rare arctic-alpine plants due to the fact that it rarely receives much sunlight. This place is splendidly dramatic and eaasily accessible from the nearby main road. The flat summit behind the cliffs is of no consequence and is easily missed.
Fan Frynych 629m
SN 9580 2278 49m

A dull and drab hill, spoilt by a track that crosses the summit. Although it's north-west face looks reasonably appealing, arrival at the summit brings only anti-climax. A good prospect toward Pen y Fan though.
Yr Allt 604m  
SN 9053 2006 c40m

A small insignificant bump on a ridge of rough grassland stretching north-east of Fan Gyhirych. In spite of offering good views of Fan Gyhirych, Fan Nedd, Mynydd Du and Pen y Fan, the ridge itself is entirely inconsequental, and without those views would be a very tedious chore.
Fan Bwlch Chwyth 603m  
SN 9124 2165 c29m

The end of the aforementioned ridge. At the summit is a trig point surrounded by a sea of boggy tussock grass, with only a small pool providing any visual relief from the tedium. The ultimate example of pointless peak-bagging.