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Snowdon Summits

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1085m Yr Wyddfa 1038m
The highest summit in Wales, unfortunately spoilt by the summit cafe and the large numbers of tourists that arrive there by train. In spite of this the summit is quite dramatic with steep cliffs dropping to Glaslyn over 400m below and excellent views of the Snowdon Horseshoe to the east. Care should be taken when descending via the Watkin Path, since the path begins a short distance to the south-west of the summit (marked by a cairn), not from the summit itself.
1065m Crib y Ddysgl 72m
The second highest summit in Wales, part of the Snowdon Horsheshoe, and a good alternative to Yr Wyddfa if you want to avoid the crowds. Also known as Garnedd Ugain, this summit sits atop a narrow ridge that leads upwards from Crib Goch. Although quite rocky at the bottom, this ridge is not as narrow as Crib Goch and is much easier to negotiate.
923m Crib Goch 65m
A rocky knife-edge ridge with steep cliffs on either side, the most dramatic section of the Snowdon Horseshoe. This is one of the two most difficult summits in Wales to ascend (the other being Tryfan) and requires some scrambling and a good head for heights. The rock is solid and gives good grip, even when wet, but the ridge is probably best avoided in high winds.
898m Y Lliwedd (West Peak) 154m
The fourth major summit in the Snowdon Horseshoe, and a Marilyn too. This is an impressive summit with one of the highest cliffs in Wales, rising over 450m above Llyn Llydaw. Usually the last summit in an anti-clockwise traverse of the horseshoe, this is a steep uphill slog over rocky ground, although not a knife edge ridge. A most dramatic viewpoint. The horsehoe is best done clockwise if you wish to avoid the crowds.
893m Y Lliwedd (East Peak) <20m
Y Lliwedd is a twin-peaked summit. This is the slightly lower eastern peak.
818m Lliwedd Bach <20m
Another small bump on the Y Lliwedd ridge.
747m Yr Aran c235m
726m Moel Eilio 259m
Photo by W.D.Grey
718m Llechog c23m
Photo by W.D.Grey
674m Moel Cynghorion c176m
Photo by W.D.Grey
629m Foel Gron 31m
Photo by W.D.Grey
619m Gallt y Wenallt 24m
Known as "the last nail in the horseshoe", this is the true end of the Snowdon Horseshoe, although most walkers tend to bypass it in favour of an easier return to Pen y Pass from Y Lliwedd past Llyn Llydaw.
609m Craig Fach 40m  
Technically this is the first nail in the horseshoe, although few people seem to be aware of this fact, probably because this summit doesn't quite reach the magic 2,000ft mark (610m) and is not clearly labelled on most maps. The Pyg Track bypasses this summit. Recommended for purists who wish to do the entire horseshoe, and metric summit baggers of course.
608m Craig Wen c29m  
605m Foel Goch 92m  
Photo by W.D.Grey