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Mynydd Du Summits

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MM Alt Summit TP 150 100 30 15 Grid Reference
A 802 Fan Brycheiniog T M U H N SN 82528 21800
A 802 Twr y Fan Foel           SN 82420 22052
761 Fan Hir       H N SN 83075 20927
B 749 Bannau Sir Gaer       H N SN 81163 21852
677 Waun Lefrith         N SN 79813 21457
B 635 Garreg Las       H N SN 77745 20340
A 616 Garreg Lwyd T   U H N SN 74045 17935
B 602 Foel Fraith       D   SN 75678 18300
B 591 Moel Feity       D   SN 84760 23095
A 562 Cefn Cul     U D   SN 86173 20632
B 558 Carreg Goch       D   SN 81883 17022
556 Cefn y Cylchau       D   SN 75743 19725
544 Disgwylfa       D   SN 81563 17890 
530 Pen-rhiw-ddu       D   SN 72587 18712
509 Twynwalter       D   SN 82835 17500
440 Mynydd Myddfai T   U     SN 80683 29723
415 Trichrug T M U     SN 69892 22918

List Notes:
Grid refs in black are official Ordnance Survey grid refs for trig points, converted from WGS84 for GPS use.
Grid refs in blue are averaged GPS waypoints recorded at the actual summit.
Grid refs in orange are taken from Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale maps.
Grid refs in red are taken from Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale maps.

Map Notes:
Click on the icons for more information about each summit.
Zoom in for a closer look. Switch to satellite view for aerial photography of the area.

Map Key:
Red = Metric Mountain A (over 500m with 100m drop)
Green = Metric Mountain B (over 500m with 50m drop)
Yellow = Hewitts (over 610m with 30m drop) and Deweys (500m-609m with 30m drop)
Blue = Nuttalls (over 610m with 15m drop)
Purple = Marilyns (under 500m with 150m drop)
Pink = HuMPs (under 500m with 100m drop)

 For more information on this area, including summit descriptions, visit the Mynydd Du page.