Wilderness Wales


Metric Mountains Notes

Main List
  * Summits are ranked in order of height, if multiple summits share the same height the summits with the highest ascent is listed first.
  * Summit areas are denoted by two letters.
  * Category indicates the importance of each summit in terms of ascent, category A summits have at least 100 metres of ascent, category B 50 metres and category C 25 metres.
  * Summit names are linked directly to photographs of the summit in question. These will be added as they become available.
  * The altitude of each summit is listed in black, the ascent in grey, c indicates Circa (approximately).
  * Marilyn, Hewitt and Nuttall status is indicated for each summit, by the letters M, H & N. All Hewitts occur in this list, a number of Nuttalls do not. Only Marilyns over 600m occur in this list.
  * Grid references are currently shown in 6 digit form, these will be updated to 8 digits.
Area Lists
  * As above with the following additions;
  * Each summit will have a thumbnail linked to a photograph of the summit. It is my intention to eventually provide a photograph of every summit in the lists. Initially I shall use whatever photos I have at my disposal, irrespective of quality. These will later be replaced by higher quality photos once available. Quality however, is not the main concern here. Photos which show the shape of the summits most clearly will be chosen in preference to "dramatic" shots.
  * All Hewitts and Nuttalls will be included, together with all Marilyns over 600 metres. Summits marked with a black X are not Metric Mountains, these are Nuttalls that have been included for the benefit of Nuttall baggers. The 7 additional Nuttalls added since the original publication will also be included.
  * Grid references are accurate to eight digits (measured from 1:25,000 maps in most instances) for the benefit of GPS users. I may provide downloadable lists of grid refs for OziExplorer in the future