Wilderness Wales


Day 1 - Mumbles to Langland Bay

Gower Peninsula

Langland Bay & Rotherslade Panorama

Langland Bay and Rotherslade. Two 24mm wide angle shots stitched together.

The cold that I'd had since the previous week was still lingering on so I thought I'd start with something easy on the morning of the first day, before the rain moved in. I didn't feel like doing anything strenuous.

I parked at the Mumbles and went for a gentle stroll along the tarmac path to Langland Bay. It was overcast at first and a bit chilly in the breeze but okay otherwise. I picked a few blackberries along the way. The sun kept trying to shine through the clouds but they never really cleared. It made for a few nice sky photos though. I didn't have much energy due to my cold but it wasn't a problem. There were a lot of people walking their dogs on the path and on the beach.

Distance: 4.1km - Ascent: 130m - Effort Rating: 5.4 - Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes