Wilderness Wales


Day 18 - Mumbles Head

Gower Peninsula

Mumbles Head Sunrise

Mumbles Head Sunrise

After the previous few days I was feeling very tired, not just because of the walking but other things as well, so I was in no mood to do much today. I decided to make an early start to get it over with, and drove down to the Mumbles in the expectation of seeing some waves there, driven by the easterly wind. However, there were no waves of any note, so I wandered to the obvious viewpoint over Mumbles Head to photograph the sunrise.

I hit rock bottom today in walking terms, managing only 1/5th of a kilometre, but clearly this was a photo trip and I got a number of reasonable shots of the sunrise, the pier and Bracelet Bay to the west. The above shot shows the two Mumbles Heads, the Inner Head largely obscuring the Outer Head.

Distance: 0.2km - Ascent: 20m - Effort Rating: 0.4 - Duration: 52 minutes