Wilderness Wales


Day 20 - Mynydd y Gwair

South Wales Coalfield

Mynydd y Gwair

Backlit trees on Banc John, near Mynydd y Gwair

Finally into the 20's, not much longer to go now. In spite of the weather being brilliant again today, I was unable to get out early due to other commitments, and so only had the opportunity to grab the very last bit of the day. Even then, I ran out of time to do a walk (even though I'd planned one) and had to make do with a scenic drive, stopping to take photos enroute. I did leave the car at one point though, and managed to at least clock up a tenth of a kilometre, so I can still claim a walk, if only an incredibly short one.

The area that I drove around was in the vicinity of Mynydd y Gwair, the highest summit in the hilly, moorland area just north of Swansea, between Swansea and Mynydd Du in fact. I don't know of any particular name for this area.

The point at which I got out of the car and strolled around is called Bryn-chwyth, an inconsequential spot but one at which the light looked rather good. I pointed my camera in various directions, in particular using my telephoto to try to pick out interesting features, such as the fields in the photograph above. At another point there was an excellent view north to Mynydd Du, although spoilt somewhat by electricity pylons.

Distance: 0.1km - Ascent: 0m - Effort Rating: 0.1 - Duration: 34 minutes