Wilderness Wales


Day 10 - Sgwd Gwladus

Ystradfellte Falls, Brecon Beacons

Sgwd Gwladus Panorama

Sgwd Gwladus - a small panorama of five vertical 35mm shots

A fairly uneventful day today, but a nice one nevertheless. It was raining steadily with low hill fog so the only decent place I could think of going to was the waterfalls again. Feeling sure that I'd need wet weather protection this time, I rigged up a tripod brolly to position next to my main tripod. This would give rain protection for all my cameras and save me faffing about with plastic bags.

Deciding to travel light this time I only took three cameras instead of four, and ditched the spare warm clothing. Just as I arrived at Pont Nedd Fechan, the rain stopped! The weather never does what you expect, does it? I was actually looking forward to using my tripod brolly. In spite of one or two breaks in the cloud, I took it anyway, just in case.

After passing a dog walker I had the valley to myself. Plenty of fallen leaves around now, but I'm not sure where they've all come from, because most of the trees above them are still green. I made my way up the Afon Pyrddin to Sgwd Gwladus this time, an easy flattish stroll. I spent some time taking a few mega panoramas, using my new hot-shoe spirit level for perfect alignment during tripod rotation. This little device is worth it's weight in something a bit heaver.

Jane and Tim

Jane from Bristol and Tim from London

After spending over an hour taking photos there, I started strolling back, then met Jane and Tim, with whom I had a lengthy chat. Tim asked about my GPS, which was the worst possible occasion to ask because it wasn't receiving a signal at that time! I'd managed to keep a lock until I got to Sgwd Gwladus, but even though I left it switched on in an open area, it managed to lose lock as the satellites moved about the sky.

There seems to be a lot more leaves on the ground now, and some of the trees are starting to look very interesting. I took a few quick snaps just for records sake.

Distance: 4.0km - Ascent: 50m - Effort Rating: 4.5 - Duration: 3 hours 28 minutes